Butter Chicken

Although I am Palestinian and grew up only eating Arabic food, Indian food became a major aspect of my life during high school. During my freshman year of high school I met an Indian girl who has grown to be one of my best friends up until today, Aysha. She introduced me to Indian food by inviting me over to her house a couple of times and I’d invite her over to my house for Arabic food. We both grew to have a love for one another’s ethnic dishes. When I would visit her home, I could smell the spices filling the air before I even set foot through the front door. The aroma of the rice and chicken and other flavorful foods her mom made filled the entire neighborhood. I really enjoyed Aysha’s mother’s spicy biryani. She somehow managed to make it just right so that it wasn’t so spicy where our mouths were on fire but just enough so we can taste the spices. She also had a very old home made recipe for butter chicken which was handed down from her grandmother  to her. She managed to get the orange color just right and had its own unique taste.



Since Aysha was a couple of years older than me, she graduated high school  before me and I was left without my best friend and her mothers delicious cooking! I then started looking for Indian restaurants and found a couple in the city. None of them were as satisfying as my friends mothers cooking, but it was still pretty good! When I came to SF State in 2010 I ended up having a lot of Indian friends, not on purpose of course, bringing my addiction to Indian food in to my life once again. I also had many of my non Indian friends who had the same love for the food just like me. While many people don’t like the strong, flavorful and most of the time spicy tasting food   I’ve grown a love for it and I even believe, the spicier the food the better! My favorite dish of all time so far has been the lamb biryani, served extra spicy! After having it several times at restaurants and at friends’ houses, I decided to try making this dish at home and it was a success! Since have made it several times I figured it was time to move on to my next favorite dish, the butter chicken. I’ve had this serval time at my friends house and I know that it will be a success once I make it. Because of my friends and having the bay area being so diverse and full of Indian restaurants I know that I will have a lot of support in making my butter chicken a success.

Butter Chicken




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